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It is a wonderful EP that blends the more pretentious side of Icelandic punk.Yes, I LOVE arty and pretentious punk such as “Excuse Me” and “Googooplex”, and the punk rock in “Surprise” and the pure hardcore in “For Viewing”.We think that these bands have influenced our way of thinking by setting the musical, political and cultural footprints, and in no small part helped to ensure that the hardcore scene carried on for more than three decades.Despite the geographical proximities between Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, “Nordic Hardcore” was never a coherent scene.At a regional level, the five Nordic countries shared a broadly homogenous culture, with similar politics and value systems.The established norm was the collective and patriarchal society.

Lyrically, Bannlyst delivers simple but effective political outbursts.

We could have easily picked another 20 records that are just as awesome and important.

There were so many bands and so many records in the first period of Nordic hardcore. But here are 20 bands, 20 records and 20 writers, sharing their thoughts on what some of these records meant to them.

The songs from the EP also got a well-deserved re-release with the Bannlyst discography LP from 2008 on Norwegian Leather.

One of the things that make “La dem ikke lure deg” a unique record musically, is that while it´s obviously heavily influenced by Discharge-style hardcore, there is also notable traces of early American hardcore, and even classic rock like Jimi Hendrix, which was the now late guitarist Børre Løviks greatest musical idol.

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Hardcore punk with its grounded, perceptive and individualistic ethos was on a collision course with Nordic society, which had failed to embrace individual thinking and had failed to address world problems.