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First, they’re vegetarian and deliberately hold off nesting until later in the summer when there’s an abundant supply of thistle seed and milkweed seed available for feeding their young.

The stories, odes and poems — I’ll even accept your haikus — need to be brief and must be accompanied by a photo.

Maureen Morley, Redwood City DEAR MAUREEN: Peregrines do nest on the sides of cliffs, but when none are at hand, they use the tops of tall buildings, transmission towers, silos, church steeples and bridges, to name a few.

After seeing the size of the falcon and the beak and claws, I have great respect for the person who bands the falcon chicks in San Jose each year.

‘Mr Asbo’ has moved to another location now and the last I heard of it is he’s not aggressive at all any more.” Neil Calbrade, a research ecologist at the British Trust for Ornithology, confirms that swans will only set out on the attack if humans or other animals enter their territory.

“Most birds do this, but if it happens with a smaller species, you just don’t notice,” he said. Normally if you stand your ground, swans walk away, and if they don’t, you just back out of their territory and nothing will happen.

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Taking down your feeders for a while should solve the problem.

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