Who is candis cayne dating

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Who is candis cayne dating

But I think the world has changed where you can be both.

You can still be respected as an actor and still do reality.

Really, she can play with ideas--and the show can play with ideas--but it really isn't anybody's business who she wants to sleep with unless she makes it their business.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Admits She Was Not a Supporter of Gay Marriage 20 Years Ago How do you feel about her recent comments about gay marriage?

And when you're not, sometimes you lose a little bit of hope that something's going to happen again.

But this has taught me that if you work hard and keep on doing what you want to do in life, things happen again.” So I'm really happy.

She has come from a place didn't want to talk about her own gender for so many years.

She was kind of like, 'This is who I am, what I am, where I've come from.' So, she's discovering through her own transition what her life really entails. She will come to the understanding and ideas of our community. She was telling Ellen that it took her a minute to get there. Is it hard to be a transgender person and share all the views and ideas of the community? I'm very liberal and I've been an advocate for our community and outspoken. Someone like Caitlyn, who does come from a more conservative background, could possibly change the minds and hearts of people in the conservative party.

And the show has media clamoring for new details about Cayne and her would-be romantic relationship with Jenner--a notion teased over the course of the season as Jenner explores her sexuality identity as a transgender woman but shut down by Cayne herself.

The reason why I did this show in particular is because I know the struggle I had growing up with my transition and just trying to figure it out without any help. I knew that people would be seeing this and see a group of women who are successful, adjusted, and happy. WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Struggles Is Sleepless Over the Struggles of the Transgender Community Was there any added pressure over how you presented yourself or to make sure things remained politically correct when it came to the portrayal of the transgender community?

You know, I kind of live my life politically correct. I think it was important for the show to have a group of woman who could talk the talk and walk the walk.

I tried to have fun because as much as there is struggle, there is joy.

There was a lot of focus on her sexuality and the possibility of you two dating.

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Who knows, maybe if there is a season two, we'll be able to tell more stories.