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If you’re old enough to remember the days when you used a ‘splitter’ to connect your cable to your neighbors cable outside , then you will be delighted to know you succeeded in getting away with “hacking” someone else’s cable, congratulations!

Everyone seems to be into the “hacking” business these days.

You can also use a prepaid debit card as well, so long as you have enough money on the card every month to pay a monthly fee. Pay Pal is a fantastic payment site that allows you to make purchases and pay bills without ever having to touch a piece of plastic.

Credit/Debit cards get lost and expire making them more trouble than they are worth. All the other end sees is your email address that’s it.

No X’d out numbers; no user information what so ever.

Everything in Pay Pal is linked to your bank account or through a Pay Pal credit account or buyer’s account.

The focus of this article will be about how to grab a Netflix account without a credit card.

With the recent move by many mainstream television networks to go streaming, pay-tv will soon sit on the same shelf as an analog television set.

You can use your Pay Pal account to create a Netflix account outside US, and no credit card need ever be used.

And also, many of these sites are loaded with malware and viruses that are just waiting for some unsuspecting sod to come along.

Bottom line is there is no way to get Netflix without having to pay for it.

These credit card generating sites are ideal for those who are using a VPN like Pure VPN, however, as with everything else I write about, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Many of these sites are survey sites and only want you to take their survey using a series of rather annoying redirects that will inevitably get you a bogus credit card number.

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