Playfire not updating trophies trina and kelly rowland dating

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Playfire not updating trophies

They add extended replay value, give you a score to compare with other gamers, and put a twinkle in your eye with the graceful pop-up message. When trophies were first introduced, many people had mixed feeling about them. In the end, I do feel that trophies are a great addition to the PS3.

Then there were the people that were clamoring for them; could not live one more day without them. That was when I found out that it doesn't save if you quit from a multiplayer lobby.... I sat with the accelerator taped, my laptop in front of me for Hulu, and a bitter, bitter soul... Your title says "Hate trophies" then you finish with "In the end, I do feel that trophies are a great addition to the PS3.

The arcade feel to it was so nostalgic and the look and feel of the game was very polished. So until Sony had a fix, I was to exclusively rent new games to obtain trophies on. It was either Midnight Club or Blitz 2: The League..thank you. Its my first blog post and I needed to express how I felt about them!

"I'm glad I bought this game", I thought to myself. Excited to start my new journey for 100%, I popped the disc in. I also broke one Sixaxis controller playing a game that I hated...(I would have a picture, but cameras can't take pictures of pieces that small...) The game just kept getting worse. Well the way I saw it, was that Hard was a step up from Normal and I hadn't played the game in so long. But once I finished it, I knew exactly what I was doing, I could aim better for headshots, etc.

PLease can you help when you get a chance, thanks in advance.

On the one side, you had those that thought it was a gimmick and were previously quick to shoot down the 360 and its Achievements. That's right, I just went in circles in my off time. I finally dedicated an afternoon to getting that damn trophy. The whole "leveling" up system is nice and I like that I can see how dedicated (read psychotic) a gamer is by looking at their platinum count. I need help, and I don't think there is help out there. I can't stand to look at my trophies and see a 7% for Far Cry 2 and a 6% for Bioshock. Because on top of being a whore, I am a perfectionist...Sony needs to implement their own "Gamercard" or something like it and have it link to your PSN ID. Nothing but head shots and standing as far back as possible that's all. On another note, I can see what the author is saying... But it's definitely a little bit of an OCD/perfectionist problem.When they were finally brought to the public with firmware 2.40, only a few games supported them. I bought this game and its expansions for the trophies. Still, I had to press on to receive that ever elusive Platinum. The whole "leveling" up system is nice and I like that I can see how dedicated (read psychotic) a gamer is by looking at their platinum count." You "like" trophies or dont? Can one not love to drink, but hate what it does to their body?I played the crap out of that game and I actually enjoyed it! I purchased 3 or 4 more games in all of this, and had been working on them for quite some time. I actually enjoyed my short time with that game as well as the others I had purchased. While I still have not received this error code, I am plagued by some sort of by-product where I cannot receive trophies (and in some cases PLAY the damn game) for games that I had made a save for, BEFORE this "thing" happened. I look to see what trophies looked easy enough and then I rent that game. When I came to that last trophy, I had accumulated a mere 3,700 miles. However, I do appreciate you taking the time to read it!

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