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One of my bosses told me that we don't do that unless it's required by a government (when we ship to Canada we have them sealed but not with chemicals like pesticides, etc.) I asked about chemical treatment and he laughed. I don't know where these rumors are coming from, I'm guessing that pallets coming from overseas (read: China) might have this issue, but I can't say for sure.comments Categories: Mental Health discrimination | Stigma | Mental health services | Antidepressants | Bipolar | Depression | Drugs and alcohol | Mania and hypomania | Medication | Mood stabilisers | Stigma and discrimination | University and student life | Wellbeing The dance music industry, like any other, has its issues related to mental health, something that Mind marathon runner Jim has witnessed first-hand living with depression and acute anxiety.About a year back I had 5 or 6 glasses of wine over the course of four hours with dinner, finished my last drink before 1030.About 4 hours later I took .35mg of xanax, it was .This is mainly because mixing alcohol and Xanax can intensify the effects of both alcohol and Xanax. The Xanax you’re taking can enhance the effects of the alcohol itself.Alcohol is a sedative drug and when combined with Xanax can cause trouble concentrating and difficulty with coordination, which can put you at risk of accidents.Xanax also heightens the intoxication you experience from alcohol, which can be potentially deadly – you may inadvertently experience alcohol poisoning, even if you can normally safely drink the same amount.Some other potentially dangerous effects of mixing Xanax with alcohol include: Your risk of overdose on Xanax directly increases when Xanax is used with alcohol.

If you feel that you need help coping with your alprazolam (Xanax) and alcohol seeking behavior and would like quit, you should consider talking with a doctor or entering an alprazolam addiction treatment program and help that can help you cope with both substances of abuse successfully.Your experiences with mixing Xanax and alcohol are also welcome.Jack, While I can't address the lethality of that much Xanax mixed with vodka, I will say that there is NO therapeutic reason to take so much Xanax.Do you still have questions about mixing Xanax with alcohol or other substances?Please leave your Xanax or alcohol use questions here.

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Here, Jim reflects on his recent fundraising, and his plans to go even further.

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