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The basic option is to follow KB 2003638 and just run a basic consolidation by going to Snapshot - Consolidate.

You’ll then be prompted to select Yes/No as you’ll have to consolidate the Redo logs. At this point it looked as it the consolidation was going to work but at about 20% it failed. There are a number of recommendations around what can be done to remove the lock on the file.

Consolidating the snapshots actually caused the backup server to shutdown and could not be powered back on again until it had all hot-add disks removed.

I chose not to delete from disk and will perform that cleanup as a manual task.

parent File Name Hint="Cent OS7.vmdk" RW 33554432 VMFSSPARSE "Cent OS7-000001-delta.vmdk" Chain Structure Analysis: For Cent OS7(Base disk), we have a Parent ID which is 8 f's, and this always remains the same not matter which VM we use.

For the same Disk we have a Child ID which is a Random 8 digit hexadecimal.

We all have performed backup of virtual machines, either using VMware backup solutions or from third party vendors like Veeam or Netapp VSC. However, in some cases we see the annoying message saying "Virtual machine disk consolidation is needed" Here we do not see any snapshots in the snapshot manager, but when we right click the VM and select Edit Settings and choose the hard disk, we notice that this hard disk is actually running on a snapshot, a vm-name-00000Now, most of the times, we right click the virtual machine that is displaying this message, select Snapshot and Click Consolidate and it works.

v Sphere may report that consolidation is needed in case there is a snapshot on the disk which should be deleted, but the deletion process is stuck in the Consolidation state for one of the following reasons: A v Sphere or a 3rd party application/process fails to consolidate a snapshot after the snapshot has been deleted.

For Cent OS7-000001.vmdk, the CID is again a random 8 digit hexadecimal. If not, check the chain structure, correct the necessary and run the consolidation again.

And this CID will be equal to the Parent ID of the next snapshot (Cent OS7-000002.vmdk), and this structure continues.

The next step was to restart the management agents on the ESXi host.

This was done by connecting to the ESXi host via SSH and running the following commands: This caused the host to be unmanageable for a brief moment.

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