Updating ports svn bsd

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Updating ports svn bsd

But the really galling part is that the “calling yourself a programmer” bit .

When Apple made a phone, it turned out it wasn’t really competing in the handset business; it was competing for the next dominant personal computing platform.

From this perspective, maybe the thing that’s kept the Apple TV on hold for so long is that they were trying to go down this road, but they kept failing to pull it off (to their standards) in the living room. ” joke/commentary didn’t sit right with me the first time I read it, and after stumbling across it again I now see why.

Among other things: I’ve never met anyone in the software industry who is happy with the hiring process, and that includes everyone who’s designed the process.

Not having certain experience is one thing; not even knowing what experience you have is another matter entirely.

We can argue about the extent to which an employer should balance hiring for existing skills and hiring for potential to learn, but you can’t claim the latter unless you can point to prior success at learning new skills.

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And ideally someone who showed some interest in the project and the skills required to do it, not just the job.