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Special care was taken while designing to ensure the part would properly depress and engage the suction cup mechanism so to secure the dash cam to either the windshield or the front dash.

Once I was happy with the overall design I used a Sketchup plugin called "Sketchup STL" to export the file as a STL file which is a commonly accepted 3D printing file format.

Additionally the user interface is very intuitive which is a big plus as some of the others I tested were a bit quirky to use.

Lastly Autoguard has some cool and useful features that some of the other apps don't have or require payment to access, features like automatic video saving in the event of a sudden stop or impact, and the ability to record video simply by tapping any location on the screen, one touch access to emergency services (911), and the ability to also take pictures, which could be handy for documenting damage after an accident.

As mentioned in the materials section of this Instructable, there are multiple ways to create this part and 3D printing is only one option, As this is a one off component, you could make it just as easily from a hard wood like oak, or even from metal.

I designed this part using Google's free and intuitive 3D modeling program Google Sketchup.

Next apply 3M VHB tape to the surface of the mounting bracket as shown above.

The only tricky part of this build is creating the custom 3D printed mounting bracket that acts as the lever for the suction cup mechanism and also as the mount for the cell phone.Congratulations you now have an awesome DIY dash cam for less than .Now get out there and capture your adventures in style. The only downside is going to be the poor video quality for night driving. Im going to use an old phone and do it, But I will have to find a mount idea as I dont have access to a 3-d printer, Thanks for the tip on the app also.Attach the 3D printed mounting bracket to the suction cup assembly as shown in the picture.Once they're attached check to make sure that you can still compress the suction cup as necessary to make it stick to a surface.

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