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Dating thick women

We were pretty sure her recent promotion was the result of them too.

I thought of the four of us together and I knew it was trouble waiting to happen, but it would be fun trouble to get in to.

I asked her what she was in to for fun and her reply was fast and sure, strippers.

I wasn't all that struck on just looking at a guy take his clothes off and do nothing to him.

None of them got out that much to be really bad, but when they did, they let loose and threw caution to the wind at times.

They were good women and good friends, but we all had our sides and putting them together was a volatile combination.

As I imagined cock after cock coming out on stage, my balls brought me to a juicy, little climax to help tie me over to quitting time.

I loved that none of my co-workers suspected anything, as I sat in my office and worked away happily, my discreet toys either in me or pressed against my clit.

I felt wonderful after and I could deal with anything after that. I chuckled sometimes to myself, as my fellow workers did stretches and exercises sitting at their desks, working the kinks out, I had remote control help that sat on my desk, looking everything like a car remote.

We sat there discussing which guy was best and who had the bigger package.

"Connie" was on a roll and stuffed lots of bills in lots of G strings that night and gave us the dirt on what she got to see of them.

If he was getting undressed, I figured it was the least I could do was strip my clothes off too and join him naked for some real fun.

Watching them was more frustrating than anything else.

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She was just a horny woman with a calm facade she wore in public.