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There will be little or no wind to help disperse the pollutants.

"Relative humidity has gone up to 80% and may rise even further to around 90% which is causing fog.

A massive augmentation of public transport within and intercity is needed.

"Not a single bus has been procured in Delhi over the last three years. Cities need massive action to change garbage management system to stop the burning of garbage.

NEW DELHI: Bringing back terrifying memories of last November's apocalyptic smog, Delhi awoke to find itself shrouded in a toxic grey haze on Tuesday .

Calm surface winds allowed the pollutants to settle over NCR.

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CPCB said moisture laden easterly winds were also coming to the capital, trapping particulate matter locally and causing fog as well.

Among NCR locations, Ghaziabad was the worst with an AQI of 475, followed by Noida at 468.

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The city's air quality index (AQI) touched 448, as per CPCB, worse than the 403 reading Delhi had recorded a day after Diwali.

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