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Updating kernal

Free apps I've tried: – XBMC v13.1 – works well so far but need to turn off hardware acceleration and turn on software multi-thread decoding – works with Ple XBMC as well. I assume there's no way to go one step further and bypass the home screen altogether?

– ABC i View v2.0.0 – limited success but I haven't put a lot of time into it. Not sure if it's the same for everyone else, but after the Cinavision splash screen, I still see the home screen for a few seconds before it then switches to fullscreen.

I tried on an E40S12A (Running Android 2.2.1) and I'm having the same problem – everything goes well with the install and options, but just can't see the "TV" app. Android VNC does – allows me to use tv remote's mouse while remote viewing my desktop. Also I have 2 light patches either side of centre at the bottom of the panel in a dark room.

Tried selecting Cinavision TV, but that just runs the Cinavision App, which I absolutely do not want. Thanks so much, that's a frustrating, obsessive mystery solved for me. MX Player didn't work for me – asked for an SD card I think. I connected some Logitech speakers from JB using the adapter in the TV box into the 3 in one audio video plug a rca to headphone jack adapter. Anyone else seen or know how to remedy this problem?

I have a soniq smart tv, whenever i turn it on it defaults to a cinavision home page requiring me to press a home key on the remote everytime to enter full screen tv.

Is there a way to set the tv to default to the tv in full screen mode?

If you "Connect your TV to the internet" as the Home screen tells you to, the screen is filled with ads! Download the file (or whatever it is called) and copy on to a USB stick.

Makes more sense now how Soniq is able to be so cheap. Insert the USB stick into the TV and go to "All Apps" and open "File Manager" and navigate your way to the USB stick and click on the file.

Also, does it seem to cover a wide variety of video formats? Do you know the model of the Soniq TV that you have?

Side load Androide app market – heaps of apps, plus it finds newer versions of ones you already have installed – it detected my TV had root access Amazon app market works a treat Install Puffin browser as it runs Adobe Flash via cloud – I tried side loading latest Flash player but flash content on Firefox or Chrome still didnt work.

This is how I run ABC i View for my kids, straight from the website with Puffin.

I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that if if it could just go straight from the Cinavision splash screen to fullscreen without seeing the menu/home screen at all, the problem would go away.

Still happy to have the home screen available at the push of a button, just I would prefer to just call it when I need it and otherwise never see it.

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