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Top 10  european dating site

The Smithsonian Institution even reports that some of the animals may have been kept in American zoos in the 1960s, raising suspicion only because they never seemed to mate—at least not successfully—with others of their ostensible kind.

But in 2013, the Smithsonian’s curator of mammals announced both anatomical and genetic evidence that conclusively carved out a new species. (2.1 m) Amazon fish known as the araipama, a favorite source of protein for local fishermen.

To answer the question you may or may not have been asking but have every right to ask: No, there is no animal uglier than a hammerhead shark. Well, make room for one more—the Sphyrna gilbert, a new species of hammerhead shark that measures 10 to 13 ft.

(3 to 4 m) fully grown, and has the one advantage of not being terribly aggressive.

As it turns out, the only other place in the world the microbe has been identified is in a European Space Agency clean room in French Guiana.

And no, no, no, that does not mean the bugs are extraterrestrial.

So closely does the reddish-brown animal with its deceptively cuddly appearance and its decidedly un-cuddly claws resemble its already identified cousins, that the preserved samples of the animal’s pelts which were long stored in U. museums were consistently mislabeled as common olinguitos.As their name suggests, clean rooms are, you know, clean, which not only keeps dust out of spacecraft, but prevents terrestrial organisms from hitching a ride on them and contaminating other worlds.Scientists regularly sample the air and surfaces in the rooms to check for spotlessness, and at Kennedy, they found a bacterium they’d never seen before, the berry-shaped Teriscoccus phoenicis.For starters, the creature it’s trying to mimic with its stay-away nocturnal shimmer is the toxic click beetle, which achieves the seemingly impossible task of being even lower than the roach on the ladder of appeal. They’re made by pits in the animal’s skin filled with fluorescent bacteria.NASA keeps looking for new species of microbes on Mars, but what it didn’t expect was to find one in a clean room at the Kennedy Space Center.

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What it means is that they require exceedingly little to eat and, unlike most other microbes, can thus get by in so nutrient-poor an environment.