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Updating new computers

It can also be very hard to tell whether a new update is truly necessary.The software that fixed the Wanna Cry vulnerability came out in a regular second-Tuesday update, which may have made it seem more routine.

The attack’s spread demonstrates how hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 150 countries are running outdated software that leaves them vulnerable.

But it’s still slow: From the time an update is released, it takes an average of 24 days before half of the computers belonging to software engineers are updated.

Regular users took nearly twice as long, with 45 days passing before half of them had completed the same update.

For example, the Windows update needed to protect against the Wanna Cry attack requires the computer to restart.

Users won’t tolerate their computers shutting down and restarting with no warning.

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Software companies are working on making updates more seamless and less disruptive.

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