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On completion of the Research Seminar Stream students should have developed skills in: 1.

Critically reviewing literature in an area of psychological inquiry in a way that could lead to clearly motivated research questions; 2.

The University is dedicated to provide support to those with special requirements.

Further details on the disability support scheme can be found at the Disability Liaison Unit Website: This subject draws together students’ undergraduate experiences in psychology by emphasising links between the science and practice of psychology in contemporary life (the science-practitioner model).

Communicating psychological research findings effectively in oral and written formats.The subject comprises a lecture and a research seminar stream.In the lecture stream the three areas of strength in the Psychology Department—Clinical Sciences, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience—will be reviewed in depth.Translating psychological research questions into meaningful and appropriate methods of investigation; 3.Interpreting data accurately on the basis of appropriate analytical methods; 4.

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In the research stream, students work on a research topic with a small group of peers, under the supervision of a psychology department academic.

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