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If they protest animal cruelty because they get off seeing their names in the papers, why should we care?

The end result is the same - it may raise awareness or badly needed funds for programs.

If at all possible, please don't support their projects - let's not help them finance their bloody taste in clothing.

She performed at Yankee Stadium alongside Jay Z and Eminem during the stadium tour they did in 2010, and she said Jay approached her and gave her some major props.“When I saw him, Jay said: ‘When u got so nice? Here is PETA's new campaign poster aimed at Mc Donald's cruel slaughter methods. Arthur's image was used with her approval and that of her family.She left money to PETA in her will to pressure Mc Donald's to switch to a less-violent, USDA-approved chicken slaughter method.T.'s in the cut - Ye-ah, p-pop a bottle, just to get my head right Tell the doctor, go and get my meds right Monster, you know it wouldn't be proper If we didn't return, with a big, rocket launcher [Hook: Sean Garrett] Massive attack, mmmassive attack Got them bomb bombs make the whole club go back Ayyyy, bet the DJ gon' bring this one back Ayyyy, like the swagger bomb bring on this track, ayy Massive attack, mmmassive attack What's been done done need no more say, that's that Ayyyy, never find me in the club laid back I wanna jump to this jam all night 'til we see the sun [Verse 2] So so hot in here feels like a jungle (Yeah) Me don't like boys that ain't jumbo (Yeah) One time bust a shot, for my champion girls Tell them guys super-size me a combo, kn-kn-know - I got the ammo, that's why I bullet-proofed the Lambo In the Middle East on a camel, runnin' - Through the jungle, Rambo, Liberace tango Swingin on the vine, mango - "... Miyagi, and the Phantom of the Opera Goin blaka motherfucker, got that big, rocket launcher [Hook] [Verse 3] Detonatin the bomb, detonate in the fire Rosé the bucket, money makin attire Detonatin the bomb, detonatin them hits Fin' to buy out the bar, all my bitches is rich You better duck when it comes, better duck cause it's comin' Best believe me you're on, g-got 'em runnin' r-runnin' Now tell them rap bitches that Nicki said this We got Tom-Toms over here bigger than a monsta [Interlude] [Hook] Initially intended to be the first single from Nicki’s debut album, later replaced by Your Love, Massive Attack failed to appeal radio audiences but remains a milestone in Nicki’s career, since it was her long-awaited debut single.Back in 2010, Nicki talked about Massive Attack and said: It was a good lesson to learn early on. The official video for the song was shot in the deserts of Lancaster, California and it features Nicki riding a pink Lamborghini, commanding a pink wig female army and Amber Rose.

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Please make a special effort to support these good-hearted celebrities in their professional ventures - it WILL help animals in the end.

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