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Post war in Dundee, Jannette Nicoll and I used to go for long walks at weekends. Denholm is a village, population today around 600, located between Jedburgh and Hawick in the Scottish Borders region.A favourite was out round the Dighty burn and up the hill behind Balmydown Farm I taught Jannette how to deal with a neep one day only to get home and find that father had been watching us through his binoculars. It lies in the valley of the River Teviot, about halfway between the towns of Hawick and Jedburgh.Prolonged and repeated exposure caused a marked redness and colouring of the skin, and somerimes underlying tissue started to thin.Sufferers might complain of mild itchiness and a burning sensation, and sometimes sores developed.Later in life when our thinking kicked in we reckon that we were easy to identify, being twins BUT we always had an alibi which was that it wasn't me it was Christine or vice versa!

But guess what..like Gordon and his pals we were nearly always caught.

Frank and Lizzie were married for 38 years until his death in 1947.

My Gran was a pleasant woman and she "wisna scared o' hard work" as they used to say.

Gord's anecdote made me wonder why Scotland has such a sweet tooth.

It seems that it stems from the colonial outreach of the British Empire in the 17th century, the colonisation of the Americas and in particular of the West Indies.

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To walk from there to where my Mum and I lived in Fairbairn St.

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