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Curriculum excellence developing consolidating

The advice note “The Format of a Working Time Agreement” may assist in this regard.

It is this period of time to which teachers are committed.

It is strongly advised that CD time is explicitly and accurately identified as being a fixed number of hours.

There must be no dubiety as to whether a period shown on a WTA can be used for CD.

It is common to find that the time is between 5 and 10 hours.

Use of In-service days It is well known that teachers have in certain schools used part of In-service days for curriculum development purposes.The proper provision for curriculum development There is a long standing agreement within the SNCT that major curriculum development is work for seconded teachers.The practice of seconding teachers (individually or in teams) to write major curricular materials is long established and has the Association’s support. Account should also be taken of the next paragraph.Such secondment should be detailed in a temporary variation to the teacher’s contract which would be provided in writing. Informal secondment It is also well established that offers are made to teachers that they be taken out of the timetable for certain periods of time to permit the writing of curricular materials.The Association has no objection to this mechanism subject to the following provisos:- 1.

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