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Peter makay dating

Work at Baseline will include roofing, mechanical, plumbing upgrades, and a new, secure entrance, said Kevin Dee, district director of non-instructional services. The 9,000 work at Lincoln will include mechanical and plumbing work, new windows and the addition of a secure entrance vestibule. The other two recipients were Civil War veteran William Wilcox and Korean War veteran Duane Dewey.

Lincoln is now the oldest school in the district, with its oldest sections dating to 19, Dee said. All three legislators feel Mc Cloughan is very deserving for the nation's highest military honor.

She and township board members set to work revising the township's blight laws, specifically provisions dealing with tearing down condemned structures.“We set up a dangerous buildings program and since then took down 15 homes.

If they weren't torn down they were fixed up which has added value to Covert,” Rose said.

But she admits Covert faces a number of challenges.

The legal question of whether the township and school district will have to reimburse New Covert Generating Plant millions of dollars due to a state decision to lower the company's taxes is still being argued in the courts.

But by 2008, she wanted to reside full time in Covert and give back to her own community.“Covert's my hometown. If it weren't for the people in Covert, I wouldn't have had the career I had,” she said.

The officers will receive 2 percent raises each year plus receive 0 per semester for career enhancement classes approved by the sheriff. "They put their life on the line every day to protect us as citizens," Cultra said.Renovations to the Annex Building itself would start after the court facility is completed.Renovations to the Administration and Land Management Building, across the street to the north of the courthouse, will begin after the other three projects are completed. Commissioner Richard Freestone said he was concerned about the millage locking in the county if the road isn't vacated.Cultra said because the election is not until May, there is "more than adequate time" for the county to decide to move forward.Henry called the ballot issue "a very significant public safety millage."He said the way that prisoners get moved from jail to court "stinks." The court facility was designed in the late 1890s and built in 1901."I think they did a great job to design a great facility that's stood a hundred-plus years of use," Henry said.

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